Friday, May 12, 2006

Cyprus: Parliamentary Elections 2006

Dear Friends,

As all of you are well aware, the parliamentary elections of May 21st, are fast approaching. Perhaps you have already read an article that I sent you, about a month ago, titled: " Γιατί Ψηφίζω ΔΗ.ΣΥ", expressing my endorsement to the Democratic Rally for these elections. I am contacting you again, however, because I feel strongly for these elections and also to bring to your attention the candidacy of Mr. Christos Stylianides, ex-spokesman of President Clerides.

The recent poll/survey results presented by CYBC, have been, in my opinion, quite alarming. The vicious social and cognitional cycle that we have all witnessed seems to be alive and well. The idea of two states, and a permanent partition of Cyprus as an acceptable solution, have infiltrated the youth and have vastly shaped the attitudes of the younger generation towards the resolution of the Cyprus problem. This turn towards a nationalistic sentiment, isolationism and the primitive idea of a uni-cultural national state must be halted.

In these elections, a vote towards the governmental coalition parties is a vote in favor of the status quo. It is a vote against reunification, a vote against peace and prosperity. The government of the co-presidents Papadopoulos and Christofias has undeniably failed to deliver on their promises for a better social system, let alone the Cyprus problem. The "Change" that they claimed miserably failed to realize. Not only that, but the referendum propaganda has divided, yet again, the Cypriot society into different camps with long lasting effects. We have seen the results of a divided people in the past, yet we haven't learned.

To a degree, the Papadopoulos-led government reflects attitudes, cognitional frames and mind sets of the people of Cyprus. And this is sad. But I came to believe that such grandiose failures such as the Cyprus' foreign policy after the NO vote, should have been enough to convince anybody, that the solution to the Cyprus problem has been transferred well into the future, if not eradicated. Such a scenario is, and should be, unacceptable to every single Cypriot.

I call upon you to think very seriously before you cast your vote in the upcoming elections. The sentiment, the loud and clear voice of the people of Cyprus that still believe in a solution to the Cyprus problem MUST be heard. The message needs to shake the very foundations of our political system. And there is a single way to achieve this: by voting for the Democratic Rally in the elections of May 21st. I would urge you to read carefully the attached leaflet with the positions of the party, and compare it to what the other parties offer. It is clear that the modernization measures, the bold policies and the strategic thinking expressed therein is unparallel.

At the same time, I would urge you to consider the candidates you are voting for even more seriously. The new parliament cannot remain yet another forum for conservatism and opportunism. We need people with a vision, a strategic vision, for the future of Cyprus. I am personally ashamed to claim that I come from a country where Christofias is in charge of the whole parliament (let alone his potential candidacy for president in 2008) . We need people ready to modernize the laws, the state and the broader society. We need true leaders and not people who know how to handle political "customer relations" such as the ones that we became accustomed to. And of course, we need younger people, ready to take courageous steps towards reforms, economic, institutional and social, within the framework set by the European Union. It is in light of all the above that I would especially recommend the candidacy of Mr. Christos Stylianides of the Democratic Rally.

dear friends,

Cyprus and its people deserve more. Much more than what the people in power represent today. And for the Cyprus potential to materialize we need to elect the right leaders in these key positions. Otherwise, and as is evidenced by the current administration, we are doomed to mediocrity, opportunism, international isolation, acting constantly as the underdog. We can and we should achieve way more than that. Voting for the Democratic Rally in the coming elections is the right choice, is the choice for the future, a hopeful future. And, we should make the right choice, based on the interests of our country, not ourselves.

The words of John F. Kennedy apply today as they applied to the Americas of the 1960s: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country".

Feel free to forward this email to everyone and anyone you think might find it useful. You may find more information about Christos, as well as links to announcements and articles by clicking here. Additionally, you may find more information about the Democratic Rally by clicking here .

Ioannis Ioannou

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