Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Your Vote Counts - Vote Wisely

Dear Friends,

We are only a couple of days away from the elections of May 21st. And I am pretty sure that most of you are long fed up with the messages, the tv ads, the discussions, the leaflets and everything that has being going on in the last couple of weeks. It is true that the campaign of 2006 revealed a number of important deficiencies in the level of politics in Cyprus. We have seen the opportunistic government coalition, and especially Tassos Papadopoulos, to attempt to divide the people in a colonial divide-and-rule way in order to extract votes and maintain themselves in power. We have all heard public statements of unmatched low levels of political culture.

When you vote on May 21st, you should not forget what has happened. First and foremost, the "better days" that a crying Papadopoulos promised in 2004 were never to arrive nor will they arrive. The prospect of a solution to the Cyprus problem with Papadopoulos in power, was and will remain dead and buried as long as your vote sustains them in power. At the social front, the deterioration of the fabric of our society, the infiltration of conservatism and anachronism into our very own lives, has been growing without a bound. Cypriots are increasingly becoming nationalistic, isolationists, xenophobes and racists. The Cyprus social and cultural clock has been fast moving towards the 1960s. In charge of the race, no one else than the co-presidents Papadopoulos - Christofias.

Is this the future that we all want for Cyprus? For our children and our children's children? Do we want to wake up one day, in the near future, and see our country become the Cuba of the Mediterranean? The black sheep of Europe? Perhaps the ridicule of Europe as we already seem to be? The people of Cyprus cannot and should not allow this to happen. This you should keep in mind on May 21st.

dear friends,

On May 21st, your vote counts. And it counts now more than ever, that our country is on a very slippery slope. The government coalition parties have proven incapable of running the enterprise. They have proven incompetent and they have shown a complete lack of strategic vision for the future of our country and our society. Your vote can and should change that. Your vote should send a strong message that you care for your country, you care about society, and that the people of Cyprus demand modernization, they demand a vision, and they demand great prospects for the island's future.

On May 21st, the Democratic Rally (DHSY), the party that led the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, tha party that is not afraid to take and follow bold decisions, the party that is known and respected by Europe's largest parliamentary coalition, is the only party that deserves your vote. We cannot afford to maintain in the parliament people that are opportunistic, uneducated, party employees such as the communists and people whose ideas belong to the previous century such as DHKO and EDEK. Help us bring DHSY to the first place among the parties in these elections. Lets bury the "dream" of a second Papadopoulos administration whose consequences for the future of Cyprus can only be negative.

I urge you to think very wisely before you cast your vote this coming Sunday. Your choice matters and it matters greatly for our future. Dont let the opportunistic coalition of Tassos and Christofias fool you with their propaganda messages as they have done in the past. This
Sunday send them a strong message: "NO MORE". Vote for the Democratic Rally, for a truly European Cyprus, and for bold solutions to your gigantic problems.

Forward this message to people you know. Let our voice be heard. On May 21st, when the results are out, let us all celebrate a better, a stronger Cyprus. Let the message be heard!

Ioannis Ioannou

Democratic Rally:

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