Sunday, March 22, 2009

Διεθνές το Ρεζίλεμα ...

Δύσκολα να αποκρύψει κανείς τα κατορθώματα της κυπριακής "δικαιοσύνης" ... και φυσικά ακόμα μια μέρα, ακόμα μια αιτία, ακόμα ένας λόγος για να ΝΤΡΕΠΕΤΑΙ κανείς που γεννήθηκε Κύπριος ...

Όλοι μαζί, την Δευτέρα 23 Μαρτίου, στις 13.00, έξω από τα δικαστήρια, να βροντοφωνάξουμε ότι Ως Εδώ Και Μη Παρέκει! Η ανοχή μας υποδηλώνει ανέχεια στο κράτος τρομοκρατίας!

Από την London Daily News:

International Desk

The legal system of the Republic of Cyprus is tonight in total disarray and is facing condemnation by the European Union for the acquittal of ten police officers who were filmed beating brutally two Cypriot students in Nicosia two years ago.

Judges in the High Court of Cyprus deemed filmed evidence as inadmissible during the trial, with the ruling AKEL party leading condemnation of the decision of the Cypriot judicial system, and the courts failure to even accept that a brutal beating had in fact taken place.

Sources in Brussels are “extremely concerned” that a major miscarriage of justice has taken place in the courts of the Republic of Cyprus, the only member state in the EU to have a two tier legal process.

Lawyers for the victims denounced the legal system of the Republic of Cyprus as that of a “banana republic” with the Cyprus Mail correspondent Marianna Pissa in a report stating:

“Dr Yiannis Papageorgiou, father of the second student Marcos, shouted out, “Banana Republic, you may rejoice in your justice system……I am disappointed, just like the majority of Cypriot society will be over the decision of this justice system”

The prosecution crumbled according to the Cyprus Mail:

“The court said the 43-minute video footage submitted by the prosecution did not constitute valid evidence. The footage showed police officers repeatedly kicking and punching the handcuffed students. The court rejected the video on the grounds that “it denied the police of the right of a fair trial” because the defence failed to question the man that filmed the video.”

The London Daily News contacted officials in the European Commission this evening who cannot intervene in the internal workings of the judiciary of member states, but one official expressed his regret that the Republic of Cyprus had not made sufficient reforms to improve its legal system.

One of the victims of the police beatings has exiled himself to London and refuses to set foot in the Republic of Cyprus in fear of reprisals by the police in Nicosia.

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